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SAMSUNG Snacker seeks same?

Snacker seeks same?

Your flight is delayed. The airport wi-fi is sketchy. You’ve spent the past couple days eating nothing but dry turkey wraps…
Date started: 01/10/2012
kissing 8 You might feel a pinch (if you’re lucky)

You might feel a pinch (if you’re lucky)

‘Tis the season for messages of goodwill, cheer, and how to cover your mouth when you cough. The good news is…
Date started: 12/01/2011
occupy_with_grace_logo Occupy With Grace

Occupy With Grace

Once again, this Thanksgiving we are grateful to all the people who keep this mission alive day after day: to ensure…
Date started: 11/22/2011
just-be-ugly Bully for you!

Bully for you!

As any grade school kid can tell you, there’s no shortage of creative ways to insult people. And while there may…
Date started: 11/03/2011
game 4 Gaming the system

Gaming the system

Gamification may be all the rage, but the philosophy behind it isn’t new. In fact, Plato is believed to have said…
Date started: 07/26/2011