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headache2 Curing what ails you

Curing what ails you

For years, drug companies have been convincing us to buy their products by appealing to our often unrealistic aspirations, rooted deeply…
Date started: 11/07/2012
czech Laugh before you cough

Laugh before you cough

Chances are you’ve heard at least one joke in your life about the uncomfortable act of getting a prostate checkup. If…
Date started: 08/08/2012
amuse Vive la différence!

Vive la différence!

Here we are on the cusp of the Summer Olympics, when some of the most amazing bodies from around the world…
Date started: 07/06/2012
grace Thinking religiously

Thinking religiously

What a treat to be invited to BJ Fogg’s Mobile Health event to talk about something that gets us fired up…
Date started: 05/15/2012
hotel call Rise and shine

Rise and shine

Ah, the wake-up call! From the reveille bugle call to a slobbering dog jumping on the bed to the birdies singing…
Date started: 03/23/2012