You might feel a pinch (if you’re lucky)

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 8:23 am

‘Tis the season for messages of goodwill, cheer, and how to cover your mouth when you cough.

The good news is that getting the flu shot seems easier than ever now – no more waiting in line in crowded auditoriums for hours only to find out they ran out of the vaccination ten people before you. In fact, drugstores, public libraries, and health clinics all seem to be advertising the availability of the flu shot this year.

It’s just that some of the come-ons are serious turn-offs. For example, we’d guess that a huge hypodermic needle is typically something most folks would run away from, not towards.

No doubt, there’s still a need for education around the topic – there’s no harm in being reminded to wash our hands frequently, or to stay scarce if we start feeling fluish. In fact, there’s still some confusion about the shot itself – a recent public opinion survey found that 46% of respondents think the flu shot can cause the flu…and 49% of respondents said they’re concerned about flu vaccine safety.

So how to effectively persuade folks who are on the fence (or even vehemently opposed) that the flu shot is a good idea? There are plenty of fear-based approaches, and those may have their merit if you’re a fan of anthropomorphic germs.

But one thing that we’ve learned about Americans in particular is that once we have our grip on something (whether love, money, or fame), we don’t like it taken away from us.

Which brings us to our re-imagined public service announcement – displaying a luscious activity that anyone who already has access to wouldn’t likely want to lose. Give up this kind of romance for the inconvenience of filling out an insurance form?

Sorry sweetheart, not this season.

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