What do 33 miners have to do with your survival?

Posted on October 14, 2010 at 11:32 am

Every now and again the opportunity comes along to use what is happening in the world around us to really inspire. Take the miners situation, for example. 33 men, trapped a half mile underground for 69 days. Experts from around the world tapping every bit of innovation and creativity they can to keep them healthy – emotionally and physically – while they await rescue. And the entire event playing out on a grand stage, watched closely by men and women of every age, in every country, from all walks of life. One miner becomes a new father during his time, they all celebrate Chile’s bicentennial with empanada pies underground. We watch together, we cry together, ultimately we celebrate life together.

Early thoughts were it would take until the New Year to get them out, but the marvels of modern technology had them out safely this past Wednesday. But what’s all that got to do with SeduceHealth?
A big part of their ability to escape through the rapidly constructed exit path depended on their health – specifically, their weight being below a certain amount, and their other vitals being solid. Imagine if this week, instead of getting the same-old-same-old-brochure about weight management in the mail (example to the right), you got something like this:

‘Would you lose weight if your life depended on it? If you had no choice? If an entire country waited on your arrival – and your health was required? Your life, too, is filled with hopes and dreams that hang on your taking care of you. So do it. Pretend the world is watching, the cameras are rolling – and that this is the most important thing you’ve ever done – because it just might be’.

Bet you would run to the best weight management program you could find.

Let’s celebrate the fact that the world really has become flat – that we can all bear witness to how a butterfly flapping his wings in Brazil can bring a tornado to Texas … take the stories of triumph and intrigue, love and loss, that now play out on our international stage, and use them to inspire. Everything going on around us can be part of the palette we use to paint our best health possible – so get painting.

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