Snacker seeks same?

Posted on January 10, 2012 at 11:47 am

Your flight is delayed. The airport wi-fi is sketchy. You’ve spent the past couple days eating nothing but dry turkey wraps and bad coffee. So it’s easy to understand why you might be tempted by the siren call of the buttery, salty hot pretzel emanating from the food court.

That’s ok – once in a while that kind of guilty pleasure can really hit the spot. But must we really make it seem like a way of life? If “snacking” on these high-calorie treats is “what you do,” you’ve just lost an opportunity to define yourself in all sorts of more nuanced, alluring ways (not to mention, you’ve pigeon-holed yourself into someone’s high-risk stratification model).

Maybe you’re really into solving tough equations. Or making up parodies of top 40 hits. Whatever it is, we’re willing to bet that even the most banal of us get off on something more than just “snacking.” But by wrapping this napkin around your poor excuse for a meal, you’ve announced to the world that you and your buttery chin are in your natural habitat. This is what you do.

Think about it – what amazing things about yourself would you want to tell the world? What would you want the other people sharing this little corner of the earth to share with you? What can we say to make a connection and really bring out the best in each other?

And if you insist about announcing your guilty pleasures, that issue of Star magazine poking out of your bag has you covered.

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