Garage rock

Posted on May 10, 2011 at 6:49 am

Lots of gyms claim to foster a sense of community…and many of them make good on their promises. But here’s a trend that takes community to the extreme – neighbors creating their own gym.

One such example is the Pink House Gym, which packs a healthy number of neighbors into a local garage for some communal bike riding.

They party together, they see each other at the grocery store, and together they are reaping the rewards of a free, safe, accessible exercise routine. There’s even a big screen that tracks everyone’s heart rate to get those competitive juices flowing.

Oh, and one more thing – there’s a lot of gray hair in the crowd. These people get each other, and as such, they get each other going.

It’s no secret that having a partner to exercise with keeps us more honest in our efforts. And the Tweet What you Eat phenomenon has raised the bar for so-called “shame-based dieting.”

These are powerful motivators, and it seems worth it to tap into this niche positioning of healthy behaviors. After all, this kind of micro-segmentation keeps people drinking the approximately 500 varieties of Coca-Cola on the market.

The trick is finding something you love to do…and then roping in others, either physically or virtually, to keep the momentum going.

So now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to bust out the plaid for a sweaty session of punk rock aerobics.

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