Curing what ails you

Posted on November 7, 2012 at 9:51 am

For years, drug companies have been convincing us to buy their products by appealing to our often unrealistic aspirations, rooted deeply in our insecurities.  Which is why we were so tickled to see this Help remedy for headaches.

According to their product page, Help is committed to using less drugs (focusing instead on using a single active ingredient), less dyes, and less confusion.  It’s this direct problem/solution approach that’s so appealing to us. You’re hurt? Try this. No white coats, no wild stallions, no BS.

For some of their healthcare products, like bandages, Help has upped the ante by including a marrow registry kit to people who have accidentally cut themselves – just swab the cut and send it back in the envelope provided.

Pretty smart way to take hold of a teachable moment to drive an altruistic health behavior that most of us wouldn’t otherwise take the time to do.

They also offer a healthy dose of outrageousness when it comes to addressing ills that drug companies have long promised to cure – including those insecurities we just can’t seem to kick. We dare you to click on the “help, I’m horny” link  (don’t worry, it’s PG-13).

The punch line to this approach, the way we see it, is that often it’s simply the stuff of daily life that can help us out when we need it the most – whether in the form of a laugh, a friend, or a movement that’s bigger than any one of us alone.

And if you still have a headache after all that, well, there’s a fairly simple solution to that, too.

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