Choose Life

Posted on November 18, 2010 at 4:59 pm

To paraphrase the founders of Soul Cycle, “there are many ways to burn calories, but not enough that make our hearts sing.”

We get a variety of daily reminders about the things we should and shouldn’t do. Most of these feel like nags, some literally show us what our bodies will soon look like if we don’t behave.

When Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice needed inspiration for their own fitness, they created a workout experience that actually creates a feeling of joie de vivre. And it’s striking a chord – people appreciate how Soul Cycle has turned a 45-minute class into a special experience… motivating people to make comments like this man’s (yes, a man): “I leave SoulCycle focused and happy. I feel empowered to tackle whatever the day may bring. I gotta do it!”

This is delightfully different from many other approaches and attitudes towards exercise out there… the kind that want us to think that as we blithely choose the couch over cardio, our arteries are clogging, our bones are weakening, our muscles atrophying. That with every missed workout we are one step closer to the grave.

There is a reason it’s called “working out” – it truly does take effort. (Though maybe we should come up with a more inviting name – please suggest your ideas!)

So whatever form your inspiration takes – from a high-energy, good-looking, and ass-kicking spin instructor like Stacey who makes our hearts beat a little bit faste, to a candle-lit and mantra-enhanced workout that prepares us to take on the rest of the day – finding it can help us stop feeling like we’re racing death, and instead start chasing life.

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