Bully for you!

Posted on November 3, 2011 at 6:49 am

As any grade school kid can tell you, there’s no shortage of creative ways to insult people. And while there may have been a kid or two throughout history who actually made a change based on these kinds of “fat and ugly” comments, simple observation proves that such name-calling usually results in emotional scars and a week of detention.

So here we have the owner of a fitness club – that big jock — picking on us from the side of the highway.

Let’s add insult to the injury – you see this sign, then a few yards later you see one that says “Tired of Being Ugly?” sponsored by your local plastic surgeon (you know, the guy who stole your lunch money). A bit further down the road is another sign: “Tired of Complications from Unnecessary Surgeries?” brought to you by your friendly local malpractice lawyer.

You know what we’re REALLY tired of? Tactics that attempt to induce change with shame and fear. As Seth Godin writes, we’re all weird. Let’s celebrate who we are, flaunt it, and be inspired to be our very best selves.

And if we need to make healthier choices, then seduce us. Don’t make us dig in our heels even more, defending and wallowing in our bad habits. Insults like these may make us want to punch the sky, or take revenge, but they sure don’t make us want to join ‘em. And we’re willing to bet the same holds true for lots of folks.

As for your mother dressing you funny? Sorry, you’re on your own for that one.

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