Are we not (up)worthy?

Posted on September 19, 2013 at 9:14 am

If you follow the healthcare market at all, you know that October 1 marks the beginning of open enrollment. What that really means, in our post-reform world, is that that millions of people who haven’t had health insurance will now be eligible for… mountains of paperwork.

Health insurance is supposed to be – and usually is – a good thing to have! In fact, there’s even some evidence suggesting that it can boost wellbeing, in addition to overall health.

But if the first experience is one that reeks of bureaucracy or thick jargon or intimidating booklets, some new members may not fully understand – or be able to  fully take advantage of – all the great benefits their new coverage offers.

A recent email we got from Upworthy (an extremely popular website featuring viral content that celebrates the awesome in life, if for some reason you haven’t already clicked on their stories, like the one about the news anchor who called out her bully on live tv) is a great example of the power of a positive welcome experience.

This welcome message explains why we’re getting this note, gives us a quick way to respond (even if we ‘just want to say hi’), offers a quick glimpse into some of the most popular areas of their product, and flatters us shamelessly.

We admit it, we’re immediately smitten, not just with the content, but with the way they’re drawing us into their community.

Are health insurers willing to welcome their new members this way – with relevant, easily digestible information?

With open lines of communication? With an interest in what they find interesting and relevant?

It would be upworthy of them to try.


  • Jessee Naylor April 3, 2015 at 9:29 am

    I am a well-bring coach for a non-profit in Chico, Ca. I am in need of change and improving healthcare form the inside out!